The Fashion Teller Announcement

The Fashion Teller values itself as an INDEPENDENT elite group that loves to do artistic projects outside any influence but our team. We take NEUTRAL stance on any drama or feud between models or/and designers, as we consider it none of our business. Any drama or fights should strictly be confined in between the feuding parties and not get anyone else involve. We believe it is very unprofessional and unethical for any agency, business or designer to forbid or restrict the actions of their models outside the workplace such as prohibiting models to wear a certain designer’s outfits on their own time/blog/flickr/work. It should ALWAYS be the model’s right to choose what they want to do, wear or blog on their own time. COERCION OR HARASSMENT MUST NOT BE TOLERATED AND SHOULD BE REPORTED AS ABUSE TO LINDEN LABS.

It is very sad and unfortunate that many models feel like they don’t have a voice, especially the new ones. They are afraid to speak up for what is right as they  fear of being labeled difficult or worse, be ejected from the group or blacklisted. Let me tell you something. YOU HAVE THE POWER but if you don’t stand up, you will always be treated like a servant or slave. No one has any power over you unless you allow them to. Any VIPS, Agencies or Big Name Designers got where they are because of YOU, the public. And you have the power to take them down their high horse. You have the power and right to decide which business to support in SL. Why spent your money on someone that restricts your freedom and rights? Support businesses that actually values you and respects what you do.

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