Murder DamselThe FASHION TELLER:

MURDER, My Sweet

Scene 1: The Damsel

The night was hot and humid. The kind of night where everything sticks to your skin, including the constant outpouring of sweat. I sat quietly in my lousy office in a lousy part of a lousy town. Just another down on his luck detective with nothing left to lose. I would take a smoke from my cigar and slowly toy with it, twirling it between my fingers, stopping only as I exhale.

That’s when I saw her…the blond bombshell…pale skin, red lips, deep blue eyes with hair that matched the paleness of her skin. What caught my attention was her hands…dripping and covered in that red sticky fluid I knew so well. As she began to walk, I shot to my feet and ran towards her, thinking the blood was hers. In that moment, she dropped down to her knees, taking me with her. She said to me, her voice cracking and begging, “I’ve been incriminated, Help Me!!!”

Liam Netizen: Hoorenbeek Mesh Trenchcoat
Draakje Dailey: Bliss Couture – AnaRita Cocktail Dress in Red/Black

Spartin Parx


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