THE FASHION TELLER: MURDER, My Sweet “The Grand Entrance”

grand entrance


MURDER, My Sweet

SCENE 10: The Grand Entrance

In this city, money talks and the biggest crook always show off in the grandest style. I stood by in a dark corner, conveniently hidden by shadows…tossing my coin up in the air and catching it before it lands to the floor, my mind in full concentration mode, scouring the crowd for possible suspects and motives.

In rolls the Crime Lord and his Dame…both dressed to the nines. They ooze power and corruption like the strong lingering fragrance of cheap perfume. My gazed followed them as they made their entrance to the gathering. Could they be the killers? I’m left wondering…

Maddox Kaestner: Vero Modero – Youl Suit
Melanie Sautereau: Bliss Couture – Anna MVW Gown in Red
Clyde Saunders: Bliss Couture – Editorial Coat with Classic Jeans in Black

PHOTOGRAPHER: Natzuka Miliandrovic

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