Style Kingdom Magazine First Anniversary Issue

skm_cover_vol5_November13_fullStyle Kingdom Magazine

First Anniversary Issue


The FASHION TELLER HOUSE is very proud and happy to collaborate with our sister magazine “STYLE KINGDOM’ on their First Anniversary Issue. A Very Happy Anniversary to Style Kingdom and a Huge Salute to an incredible and amazing issue full of class and style. We are very happy to work with a very successful nonprofit magazine in Second Life that features a lot of models and designers that are not well known yet in the Fashion Industry. Dougie Boxen’s vision as well as of his staff is to provide opportunities for everyone.

COVER MODELS: Crus Quinnell, Kiana Lexenstar-Quinnell, RicoRacer Flux


MimmiBoa-IceQueens-Fashion Teller-Final

The Fashion Teller House’s Spread in the magazine is titled “THE ICE QUEENS”. The idea behind the winter theme is to showcase fantasy winter couture as well as tell a story of these ICE GODDESSES responsible for spreading the ice and bitter cold on earth. They are asleep for most part of the year but then when the winter season comes, they are awaken from their deep slumber to blanket the land with snow and ice so that life can be reborn again come spring. We are very honored to work with Pam Astonia as the photographer for the spread as well as the amazing talents of our models: Mimmi Boa, Serene Faith, Spirit Llewellyn, Linda Reddevil, Veronica Krasner, Tweezie Tyne, Falbala Fairey, Sydney Bonde, Yashi Audion and Locuala Madruga.

Our next book called “THE ICE KINGDOM” continues the story of the Ice Queens which will be out in January. Also, We will tell a story when nature is reborn again in the Spring Time called “Spring Awakening”. Follow our blog to keep updated on our latest projects.

MODELS: Mimmi Boa (Above), Yashi Audion and Locuala Madruga (Below)


Loca and Yashi-IceQueens-FashionTeller-Final


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