FTH – SPRING AWAKENING Book Casting Results

Spring Awakening Casting- Diamondgem Destiny - FullbodyFASHION TELLER HOUSE


The Fashion Teller staff have reviewed all the castings including the entries from the new models who just joined the Fashion Teller family. We have decided to invite the following models to be in the SPRING AWAKENING book.

DiamondGem Destiny
Giselle Chaveau Moore
Forever Moore
Miele Tarantal
BloodyMistress Serenity
Spirit Llewellyn
Caesar Langer
Adonis Hansome
Nathalia Topaz
Mila Blauvelt
Flidais Etchegaray
Ylenia10 Resident
Jade Spectre
Sienna Belios
Beatrice Serendipity
Chevia Johansson

Please note that there is a good chance that we might ask you to restyle for Spring Awakening based on the designers who are sponsoring us. Style ASAP so we can get the photoshoots started and kindly not share your styling until the book comes out. As soon as you are styled and ready, send a snapshot to RicoRacer Flux and Chevia Johansson with a stylecard for review. We will then give you details on the photographer/schedule.

Thank you and LETS RAWK!!!

Picture credits: Spirit Llewellyn (Below), DiamondGem Destiny (Above)


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