The much-anticipated public casting for the Fashion Teller House has now arrived!
We are pleased to announce that we are seeking to add new faces and talents to our family of creative artists and stylists. We are looking for fresh faces with abilities in imaginative, outstanding styling. This means that we are not necessarily looking for the biggest names in the modeling industry. We are looking for individuals who are inspired by a theme and are resourceful and creative enough to be able to bring it to life through Second Life® fashion. You may be a model already, you may be a blogger, or you may be none of these, but if you have an incredible look and a flair for styling, we want you to become part of our team.

See the past work of Fashion Teller House here for ideas on styling and what we do:


How To Cast?

Please select one or more of the following three themes based on our upcoming story books for 2015:

1. MAD WORLD – Humanity has destroyed the world and depleted its resources. Millions have died due to hunger, violence and diseases. The remaining survivors are fighting to live and will do whatever they can to thrive in this mad world. Create a fierce and apocalyptic character that is tough, a bit crazy yet fashion forward.



2. DEATH (DIA DE MUERTOS) – Death is a part of life and it is all a part of our journey. Though we might not know how our life ends, we can’t escape it. In some countries like Mexico, death is celebrated. Create a style and scene that is beautiful and ethereal on the day of your death. The picture and styling should depict how your life ended (example, poison, drowning etc). See Examples:


3. HEAVEN & EARTH – An epic Asian inspired love affair is about to unfold. Create a fantasy character (Good or Evil) that is based on the elements and inspired by Ancient Asian Civilization. For example: God & Goddess of the four winds, Keeper of the eternal fire, Emperor or Empress of the deep oceans, Guardian of the forest.


Heaven and earth1

Please style an outfit based on one of these themes. You can cast for all of the themes if you like. Your outfit must consist of parts of at least three different outfits (no “out of the box” outfits) not including skin or hair. Be dramatic and creative. Use many accessories and unique skins/makeup to stand out like no other. We don’t only want perfection, we want creativity and uniqueness.

Provide a high quality picture of your styling that is worthy to be published in a magazine. The size of the picture/s must be 1238 x 1669 with150 DPI. Keep your image stylish, unique, sophisticated, and tasteful. No photos that are morphs will be accepted, but post-processing (editing in Photoshop) is allowed. The photo must clearly show the styling of the outfit. If you are not doing your own picture, please credit the photographer. Selected photos may be included in a future issue of The Fashion Teller, but All who are selected will receive an invitation to the Fashion Teller House.

Cast by submitting a notecard to BOTH Ricoracer Flux and Xandrah Sciavo in-world. Name the notecard “Fashion Teller House Casting 2015 – YOUR NAME” and attach your photos inside of the notecard. Please include what theme or themes you are casting for. Lastly, include the full list of your styling credits in the notecard. Please be sure your photos are full permission.

All participants in the public casting should be aware that by entering the casting and sending your picture, you give us the right to publish your picture in our magazine and blogs/social networks. All entries will be published at our Facebook page.

The deadline for all casting notecards is Monday February 16, 2015, at midnight SLT.

Please direct any questions to Xandrah Sciavo.

Best Wishes. We can’t wait to welcome you to our House.



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