FTH: The DollHouse

We are proud to present a story book about the world of dolls in which each exquisite and unique dolls come alive and reveal their stories. Come, play and explore their world with childhood wonder and awe.


 READ: issuu.com/fashiontellersl/docs/fth_the_dollhouse

COVER MODER: Kerasia Hexacola

 Our gratitude and appreciation to the staff, photographers, models, writers, sponsors and designers. Thank you Xandrah, Miwa, and Trav for making this book happen. Thank you Pierre and Nimoe for bringing the story to life in your fantastic art. Thank you Cocoro Lemon for the beautiful dolls, Sue Hunniton for the amazing poses, and SyS for that fantastic outfit.

 ❤ Many thanks to our readers and supporters. We love you. ❤


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