DOLLHOUSE: The Wedding Topper


Don’t judge our hearts as not real or misunderstood
just because our bodies are carved out in wood.
Gaze upon this picture and you will be amazed to see,
a man and a woman in love as only true love can be.
Though we are but dolls and all that should impart,
Our souls are pure in love and it shows deeply in our heart.

MODELS: RicoRacer Flux & Xandrah Sciavo
POSE: Pics n Poses-OC-Wedding Topper by Sue Hunniton

OUTFITS – Rico: Ribbon Tuxedo by Gabriel
Xandrah: Covetousness by AD Creations
ACCESSORIES – Xandrah: Bodza Jewelry Set by Donna Flora, Aliena Ring by Donna Flora, Calla Lily Bouquet by Rebel Hope

Once upon a time, there was a toymaker who loved to create beautiful dolls of every kind. Once a year on a very special night, magic happened as each doll came to life to tell their own unique stories and to show that even inside, the most wooden of bodies can beat a warm heart and loving soul.  

The FASHION TELLER HOUSE is very proud to present “The Dollhouse”.

We were very honored to work with the beautiful COCO dolls in Second Life® and had a blast bringing them to life as they brought their own unique personalities and stories.



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