The Voodoo Doll

FTH_TheDollHouse-TheVoodooDoll_WrenNoirCerise_ThePierrotTHE VOODOO DOLL


MODEL: WrenNoir Cerise
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene)

DOLL: Doll by COCO

Sacrifice Skirt by Purple Moon, Wicca Top by Prism


Hellfire Skull & Clas Leather Necklace by N.A.M.E., Malika Feathers by Azul, Fruit Salad Tree Branches by Concrete Flowers, Travail Skull by LeLutka, Avernal Necklace by LaGyo, Harvest Crown by LaGyo, Rustpuppet by KROVA



Come my sweet and follow to a place in my heart.
You will beg for your soul and we will never part.
I am all dark power, your soul and mine entwine.
I am the mistress of voodoo, soon you will be mine.
I may be a wooden lady carved from nature’s tree,
but soon your soul will be caged and never again be free.

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