The Ballerina


THE DOLLHOUSE: The Ballerina

MODEL: Astralia
PHOTOGRAPHERS: Pierre (Profile) & Nimoe Constantine (Scene)

POSE: Pics n Poses-F-En Pointe-14 by Sue Hunniton

DOLL: COCO DOLL 002AF with Corset Piercing Legs_White
Naomie Bodysuit by Topazia, Tutu by !gO!
Satin Bow & Pearls Set by Yummy,
Rebirth headpiece and dress decor by Solidea Folies,
Anima flower(shoulder) by Azul,
Splendor Falls White Eyebrow Jewels, Poppy ankle from Walk in the Flower by Topazia



I dance to the music in my soul as its spins me around and around.
Though I am made out of porcelain, I hear every sound,
For music will feed the emptiest soul and make it feel so right.
At sunrise and through sunset, I dance through the dark of night.

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