The FASHION TELLER HOUSE is seeking creative artists and imaginative stylists to add to our family of storytellers. Can you create an amazing styling and dramatic picture that evoke the imagination and tell a story without words? We are looking for individuals who are inspired by a theme and are resourceful and creative enough to be able to bring it to life through Second Life® fashion. You may be a model already, you may be a blogger, or you may be none of these, but if you have an incredible look and a flair for styling, we want you to become part of our team. We are seeking all characters, shapes, sizes, old, young, male, female…no experience in modeling necessary.
Just be able to show us that you can make a character come to life and be able to tell his/her story through your style.

See the past work of Fashion Teller House here for ideas on styling and what we do:



How To Cast?

1: Style an amazing dramatic outfit based on any GREEK MYTHOLOGY. 

 Pick any Greek Gods and Goddesses or any Greek Mythology Tale but your styling MUST be able to tell a story without creating words. One look at your style, the reader must recognize the character without any explanations. Your outfit must consist of parts of at least three different outfits not including skin or hair. Be dramatic and creative. Use many accessories and unique skins/makeup to stand out like no other. We don’t only want perfection, we want creativity and uniqueness. Your styling must be NEW and haven’t been published or seen in any SL magazine or fashion shows.

Need an Inspiration? https://www.pinterest.com/ricoracerflux/greek-mythology/

2. Provide a high quality picture of your styling that is worthy to be published in a magazine.

Don’t worry about the size of the picture. Just make sure we can see your styling.
Keep your image stylish, unique, sophisticated, and tasteful. No photos that are morphs will be accepted, but post-processing (editing in Photoshop) is allowed. The photo must clearly show the styling of the outfit. If you are not doing your own picture, please credit the photographer. Selected photos may be included in a future issue of The Fashion Teller so please ask for permission from the photographer. All who are selected will receive an invitation to the Fashion Teller House.

3. Cast by submitting a notecard to Ricoracer Flux in-world.

Name the notecard “FTH  Casting June 2015 – YOUR NAME” and attach your photos inside of the notecard. Please include the name of the character you are casting for. Lastly, include the full list of your styling credits in the notecard. Please be sure your photos are full permission. You may cast as many times as you wish but you may only cast once per character. For example: If you casted once as Zeus, you may not submit another casting again as Zeus.

All participants in the public casting should be aware that by entering the casting and sending your picture, you give us the right to publish your picture in our magazine and blogs/social networks. Full credits will be given to you and the photographer.

4: PLEASE review & agree to our membership rules and regulations.

The deadline for all casting notecards is Monday June 22, 2015, at midnight SLT.

Best Wishes. The world is full of stories. Let’s tell them in style.


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/FashionTellerSL

FLICKR: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fashionteller/

ISSUU: http://issuu.com/fashiontellersl

PS: Pictures used are from the internet and used for reference and example only on what we are looking for.
We claim no rights to the images in this post.



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