DREAMS: Alien Abduction


Carley Benazzi

Model: Carley Benazzi

Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan

Hair: Elysium- Torre hair
Outfit: Eclat- Revealing dress
Mad’- Diamonds pasties
Lethal Couture- bodycon corset
Shoes: Zisbka- enza, Promagic- pattern anklets
Accessories: Zibska- Cynthia Shoulder and bustle, Zibska- Mallt gloves /nails
*Figment* Mute Mask, Azoury- Secret Collar
Make Up: Pink Acid- My goth lips gloss
Kooqla- liquid shadow 01, no.7- Ballroom lashes

FTH dreams (Alien Abduction) Carley Benazzi Polly Elan


To dream of being abducted indicates that you are feeling helpless and may lack control of your own life. You may be manipulated by your circumstances or by someone. This is a peculiar time for you right now. It seems that you are in a very unfamiliar place in your life feeling hopeless and you are not quite comfortable with it. Explore your surroundings and the people in your life. Find the true nature of your helplessness and gain back control.


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