DREAMS: Broken Teeth

-Broken Teeth-


Style:Model: DreamLove

Photographers: Pierre Webb & Nimoe Constantine


Hair: ezura Avant Garde E.T. Hairpiece *White Set
Headpiece: P.C; Oversized Flower Headband  Veil
Dress: {dollle*} 052 Farthingale Outfit – White
Tights: [GW] BT White Pants from [GW] Blitz Trooper
Shoes: ghee Vinyl Slicker GoGo Boots
Jewelry: Glam Affair – Penelope Ear Cuff Silver
Make- Up: +Nuuna+ Flux White 70%, +Nuuna+ Tiia makeup pink, +Nuuna+ Zion 2 White

FTH dreams (Losing Teeth) Dreamlove Nimoe Constantine



To dream about teeth could mean that you’ve lost self confidence. You are feeling uncertain of your life, your decisions or even your own appearance. How unbearable it is to not have any teeth! If those teeth are rotting, you may be feeling guilt about misspeaking, telling lies, or just being irresponsible with your words, and your opinions on things that aren’t your concern. Make some changes and find a hobby that is uplifting. Improving your appearance such as getting a new haircut or a new wardrobe will help boost your self-confidence. Last but not least, be careful with the words you speak and the messages you carry around. Don’t be the bearer of things that are less than 100% truthful. Those pearly whites will rejuvenate before you know it!


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