DREAMS: Childhood



Model: Logan Callaghan

Photographers: LoganCallaghan & Nimoe Constantine

Hair: Dura-Boy*40
Outfit: FASHIONNATIC- Jeff Pants
Glam Affair- Oversized Orange Collar
Shoes: Phunk- Lowtop Sneakers
Jewelry: Arm Bands and bracelets- Aisling- Feldream
Accessories: Alli’s Attic- Tiny Butterflies, Boudoir- Butterfly Wreath
Make- Up: LoganCallaghan- Custom Design
Props: Sweet Lies Designs- Butterflies Caged

FTH dreams (Intro) Logan Nimoe Constantine


Dreaming of your childhood may mean that you yearn for simpler times when you didn’t have to worry about the things you do today. It could also indicate innocence. You may also feel that some things have not been resolved from your childhood as an adult. Plan a day, go to the circus or an amusement park, eat cotton candy, ride the rides and don’t answer any calls or emails for a couple of days. The world will still run while you get in touch with your inner child! Have fun and be free!!!


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