Dreams: Clowns


Payton Heron

Model: Payton Heron

Photographers: Pierre Webb & Astralia


Outfit: [E.N.S.H.E]- Deniz Lalesi  bodysuit, chest & feather attachments – yellow

Shoulder Addition- 6 copies of Margo Shoulder (red)  by LeeZu!

Headpiece- Ma Vie. – Plumage hat – Paloma

Shoes: Faster Pussycat – Neo Geisha Revolution – red

Accessories: [E.N.S.H.E]  – Deniz Lalesi hat added to belt – turquoise

Make- Up: Madrid Solo- FashionArt- Andy Warhol Tribute; Cake – Wing Lashes




Clown dreams can mean lightheartedness, goofiness and fun. You can be feeling jovial or just feel the urge to make those around you smile and laugh. On the other hand you may feel some uncertainty about someone hanging around you. They may be smiling but hiding contempt for you. Pay attention to what is going on around you. Does someone need your positive energy? Has someone been hanging around that isn’t adding up? Either way, pay attention so you can figure out just what that clown is really trying to tell you.


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