Dreams: Drowning


Ellendir Khandr

Model: Ellendir Khandr

Photographers: Pierre Webb & Astralia


Hair : *ARGRACE* HIKARI- Blondes

Outfit: -AZUL- Maeve in Amethyst with crown

Jewels: F I N E S M I T H- Galadriel collar ring and arm bracelet

Make- up: {MUA}- Lipstick- Tender- Purple

{MUA}- Eyeshadow Pack- Vale- Purple




You are overwhelmed by your present circumstances. You’re unable to get a handle on things no matter how hard you try. Pause, take a deep breath. Release your worries  and remind yourself that you will survive. Organize your thoughts and handle things one at a time. But don’t allow yourself to worry about the things that you can not change or avoid. You will rise above it all. Life is designed that way!


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