Dreams: Falling


Eleseren Brianna

Model: Eleseren Brianna

Photographers: Pierre Webb & Nimoe Constantine


Hair:  EVIE (no hair version) – KMADD Hair

Outfit: anzu dress, kisara top – sheer & panties – pink – r2 Fashion

Tribute to Gareth (shoulder and arm pieces) – [AD] Creations

Latex Suit – Clear Sheer – X-DollZ

Shoes: – High Elegance Boots – latex – Domino’s Duo

Jewelry: Faranth (thigh and lower leg) and Eunice hands – gold – .aisling

Accessories: Opera Gloves (for Slink hands) – white – Adam n – Eve

Filigree Mesh Mask – gold – Madrid Solo

Hutuu Mesh Ears – Mandala

Make- Up:  AstroGlam and Ina – +Nuuna+




Falling is one of the most common dreams that we have. Falling can mean you are not in control of situation and surroundings. Falling can also signify that you are possibly “falling” for someone. Falling can evoke many emotions in your dream. Fear of falling means you’re insecure about something. Falling from clouds and enjoying it means you are not afraid of change and you are actually embracing it. Pay attention to how you felt during your fall, those emotions can reveal what you are feeling about whatever circumstances you are facing.

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