Dreams: Flying


BloodyMistress Serenity

Model: BloodyMistress Serenity

Photographers: Pierre Webb &  Astralia


Hair: Xena (edited) by Baiastice

Dress: Galaxy Queen by NO

Gloves: JEssamine by Belgravia

Wings: Bee by Reasonable Desires

Leggins: Flirty Leather Laced up legging (recoloured) by Sakide

Shoes: Ava OTK boots by Leverocci

Head Jewelry: Osiris by Posesion, Necklace: 7 by Deity

Accessories: Idol glasses by Posesion

Make- Up: Meta Red by Nuuna




Flying in your dreams is probably one of the most enjoyable dreams you can have in a long list of dreams. It symbolizes good things. Freedom, control, power, happiness. However, there are certain flying dreams that can mean the opposite. Just as most other dreams, pay attention to how you were feeling in the dream. Were you in control, did you continue to fall, were you flying upward, downward? All of these small details mean something in your dream.


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