Dreams: Lost


Spirit Llewellyn

Model: Spirit Llewellyn

Photographers: Pierre Webb & Polly Elan


Hair: MADesigns- Dora- Black

Outfit: SoliDea FoliEs- Zero Skirt

Blue Couture- Dark Cage Skirt

Violator- Pret Porter- HitMeUp Top, AE for Slink Opera Gloves

Jewelry: SoliDea FoliEs- “DADA” earrings

Vero Modero/ In My Space Hand Cuff

Accessories: Silvery K- Blindfold Black

Silvery K- Neck Corset Black

Props:  Blue Couture Dark Cage Umbrella


FTH dreams (lost)Spirit Llewellyn Polly Elan


Dreaming of being lost can mean that you are feeling directionless in your life. You may be at a crossroad and you don’t know which road to take. You are unclear of the direction you’re currently going and where it is leading you to at the end of the road. When you’re feeling this way, seek counsel from a “proven trusted friend”, elder, or clergy. Speak with someone that is on the path you want to go, living the kind of life you wish to live. Only someone who is where you wish to be can lead you or advise you on how to get  to where you need to go.


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