FTH Greek Mythology Casting Now Closed!



The FASHION TELLER HOUSE Greek Mythology Casting 2015 is NOW CLOSED.
If you have a late entry, send it as soon as possible to RicoRacer Flux inworld by 12 Noon SLT today 6/22/15 at the latest. Please make sure all your entries are shown in the link below starting from June 10 as all the judges will be looking at the pictures to judge:


A million THANK YOUS to each and everyone that casted. It was way beyond what we expected…from the amazing entries to all the wonderful response and support. You all did amazing and please feel proud of your hard work. We can’t wait to invite all the new members to FTH based on what our judges decide. If you did not make it this casting, please don’t feel discouraged and we really hope that you will try again. 

THANK YOU to our JUDGES who will have a very difficult time deciding on this Casting:
Eleseren Brianna, Caesar Langer, Miwa, VeronicaLynn Parx
Giselle Chauveau, AnnaG Pfeiffer, Carilynn OHare,Nadja Baxter
Kryptonia Paperdoll, Pam Astonia, Sabbian Paine,DiamondGem Destiny
Sienna Bellios, Nieleav Kowalski, BloodyMistress Serenity, Jade Spectre
Xandrah Sciavo, Astralia, Carley Benazzi,Polly Elan, Serene Faith, Kiana Jarman.

EACH Judge will select his/her three favorites from all the castings ranking each from number 1 (most favorite) to number 3 (third favorite). Their number 1 pick will earn 5 points, number 2 pick will earn 3 points and number 3 pick will earn 1 point.
Each judge must provide a very short reason why they pick their number 1.
All the points will be added from all the judges and the top vote getters will be invited to the Fashion Teller House.
Results will be announced here once all the judges have voted and all the points have been calculated.

All JUDGES MUST TURN IN HER/HIS 3 PICKS by Tuesday 6 PM SLT 6/23/15.

THANK YOU and Best Wishes.

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Old photo of RicoRacer Flux and Cade Nansen as Gladiators by Lybra Rage.


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